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Bella Modeling School is a respected school dedicated to shaping aspiring models into confident and well trained models. With a renowned track record of success stories, we provide expert level modeling classes that empower our students and set them apart in the competitive modeling industry. Additionally, our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart as a leading name in the world of modeling education. So, join us at Bella Modeling School and step confidently into a rewarding journey in modeling near Johns Creek, GA.

They guide the new models in the industry using their expertise. Further, we have built a strong structure of different types of modeling courses to nourish our models. So, connect with us to register yourself and pursue your dream of modeling.


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Modeling Courses

Gold Starter

Learn New Skill!

  • 5 Month-Model Training Program
  • Open Studio Sessions
  • Bella Shirt
  • Student Workbook

Platinum Pro

Perfect For Going All In With Modeling!

  • Gold Starter +
  • Model Bag & Robe
  • 3 Photo Shoots W/Printed Portfolio
  • Runway Video
  • 100 5x7 Comp Card Prints
  • Agency Meet & Greet
  • Graduation
  • Modeling Certificate

Diamond Elite

Everything You Need For A Star In The Making In Both Modeling & Acting!

  • Platinum Pro +
  • Acting 101 Course
  • Acting 201 Course
  • Acting Demo Reel (2 Scenes)
  • Acting Headshots
  • Acting Certificate

One On One Modeling Sessions Available

Enhance Your Skills

Acting Courses

101 - Intro For Beginners, Commercial Acting

  • 6 Weeks/2 hr sessions
  • Fundamentals of acting
  • Teleprompter
  • Auditioning & slating
  • Memorization techniques

201-Intermediate to Advanced TV/Film Acting

  • 6 Weeks/ 2hr sessions
  • Advanced improve
  • Development in character development, Monologues & Voice
  • Peer to peer and instructor feedback
  • Partner reading
  • Script analysis

All Programs

  • Acting 101
  • Acting 201
  • 5 1-hr advanced one on one coaching
  • Demo reel (2 scenes)
  • Acting headshots (3 looks/3 edits)
  • Option to participate in the agency meet and greet.

Ready to jumpstart your acting career?


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Frequently Asked Questions
What Services Does Bella Modeling School Offer near Johns Creek, GA?

At Bella Modeling School, we offer expert leading modeling classes and training to enhance your modeling skills, boost your confidence, and get you connected to the right people in the modeling industry. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to elevate your modeling career, our personalized programs cater to all skill levels.

How to enroll in our modeling program near Johns Creek, GA?

To Enroll, Contact us at or call us at 470-632-7742. Also, you can fill out a form on our website and one of our admissions representatives will be reaching out shortly!

What is the best part of Bella Modeling school?

At Bella Modeling School, we take pride in having a team of seasoned and current modeling professionals with extensive industry knowledge. Moreover, their expertise lies in guiding and empowering our students to become their most confident and successful version of themselves. With their invaluable support, you’ll embark on a transformative journey, ready to conquer the modeling world with self-assurance and be able to carry yourself as a professional model. So, join us and experience the difference of learning from the best in the industry at Bella Modeling School and what that can do for your modeling career.

Are there opportunities for networking and industry exposure at Bella Modeling School?

Yes, we believe in providing our students with valuable industry exposure. Throughout our programs, you’ll have opportunities to connect with professionals, attend events, and build relationships that can open doors for your modeling career. Also, at graduation, we have an agency meet and greet where you will get to meet and connect with professional modeling agencies in your area.

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