The Staple Heels Every Model Should Have in Her Model Bag

As a model, being prepared is a key part of your job and having the necessary items with you will help you stand out in the professional modeling world. That’s why it’s important to have the right heels to complement your outfits and help you walk with confidence on the runway or in a casting. In this blog post, we’ll look at different types of heels that models need and suggest some Amazon products that can help you find some great options. These are the staple heels to have on hand as your are pursuing modeling and to always carry in your model bag.

High heels are a staple of the modeling industry, as they help elongate your legs, walk with elegance and add height to your frame. When choosing heels, look for a comfortable fit and a heel height that you can walk in confidently. We recommend having at least a nude and black heel option since these can go with many outfits. Neutrals are best to start with as your basics, brown and white are great starter options as well! Amazon offers a wide range of heels for every occasion, from classic stilettos to trendy block heels. We recommend non platform 2.5-4” heels if you are a new model to best learn to walk in. After getting comfortable and confident in a non platform 2.5-4” heel, you can start adding in different heel options, colors and heights!

Here are some Amazon links for a great options in nude and black in some classic styles:

A Strappy nude sandal heel

This is a model classic heel staple. It is very versatile and and the style is perfect for almost any outfit. It won’t clash when wearing lots of color and blends flawlessly with other neutrals.

A stiletto nude heel

This is a great, classic sophisticated style to have in your model bag. It can elegantly go with dresses or slacks and can easily transition throughout the seasons.

Here are some great black heel options.

A strappy, lace up fashionable black sandal heel

This is definitely a style that has become very popular recently. The long lace up straps allow you to wear it over jeans cinching them at the ankle or create a dressier vibe with a dress or skirt.

A single strap sandal black heel

You can’t go wrong with this model staple. It is a classic and can go with a variety of styles without overpowering the outfit.

To expand on your basics, other essential options to have are a dressier gold or silver heel for
dressier outfits such as gowns or couture lines.

Here are some gold heel options

A gold embellished sandal heel

This is a gorgeous shoe to have for those elegant gowns, bridal wear and couture lines. The embellishments will help the garment stand out by giving the full look an extra flair.

A single strap gold sandal heel with a modern touch

This is a great option to play it safe with a gold pair of heels. The angled block heel gives it a modern touch and a more comfortable option with the added support.

Here are some Silver Heel Options

These thin scrappy silver heels

This is a great option to have. The thin straps help the heels not be too overpowering depending on what the outfit is but dressy enough to wear with dressier options or even help create a dressier look, say with jeans and a white button up shirt.

A single strap embellished silver sandal heel

The added embellishment on this help elevate any look. This is a great addition to your model bag.

Having the right shoes is an important part of being a successful model. It shows you come prepared for every situation at hand. Whether you’re walking the runway or attending a go-see, the right shoes can help you feel confident and comfortable. By having the right shoe style for the occasion, you’ll be able to look and feel your best.

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