How To Get My Child Into Modeling

Do you have a model-in-training at home? While we all love the adorable faces of our children, it takes much more to launch a successful modeling career.

Here are some helpful ways to encourage the rising star in your home. 


Now is the time to work on distinguishing skills that stand out to casting directors and agencies. We offer private lessons for children to help them strengthen this foundation. 

  • Work with your child on listening well and learning how to take direction. In the modeling world, children not only take direction from parents but also other crew members on set.
  • Role play scenarios to help your child learn how to respond to feedback. Agencies enjoy working with models that know how to focus, take direction and keep a positive attitude.
  • It is helpful to have your child practice with a modeling coach to get them comfortable with different posing, facial expressions and in pushing them to the next level. This helps them grow and learn to adapt to different people so they don’t freeze up on set.


All models need a portfolio, including children. We offer photo shoots and other portfolio-building opportunities. 

  • Update your child’s portfolio often to reflect current measurements. We all remember how quickly things can change after a growth spurt.
  • Learn more about how to get the perfect head shot. A successful portfolio includes commercial and digital photos that have natural, child-like expressions.

Make it stand out!

Agencies and Clients love to see your child’s personality shine through! Get some fun, silly photos of them jumping and enjoying themselves.


We recommend that parents enroll in lessons, too. While children learn more about modeling, we encourage parents to learn about career management for their child. 

  • Parents who understand the industry have the skills to lead their children with confidence and make the right decisions for their careers.
  • Additional training allows parents to learn more about industry standards and recommendations on managing their child and how to work with modeling agencies to help further their modeling careers.

Is your child agency ready? Here is a list of modeling agencies that work with children in the DFW area that we recommend!

The Campbell Agency

Kim Dawson Agency

Icon Studios Dallas

The Clutts Agency

Callidus Agency